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Porn Star Accidentally Ends Up on Math Book Cover

Who said math isn’t sexy? Oh but it is. It is.

The Nation reports that Muang Thai Book, a textbook publisher in Thailand, recently uploaded the cover of its upcoming math textbook. Online, somebody noticed that the photo of the teacher was from a Japanese porno movie.

Here is the original book cover.

math porn

As you can see, the work “Mathematics” has also been Photoshopped on. In the original image, the book reads “Student Roll Call” in Japanese. At least, it looks like she is teaching math in the porn.

Here is a still from the porn which was released this past spring via PC, iPhone/iPad, Android, and the PS Vita.

Math Porn

On Japanese forum 2ch, commenters noticed that the image of the man drawing also appears to be grabbed off the internet. According to 2ch commenters, the actress, called Mana Aoki (among many other names), first appeared as a contestant on a Japanese plastic surgery show called Beauty Colosseum, got work done, and, it seems, moved on to adult films. To each his or her own, I guess.

As Yahoo! News Japan adds, the textbooks have not been distributed, so students never received them. According to The Nation, the publisher said a woman on staff grabbed the photo from the internet, and the cover was simply a mock-up. The publisher said it can—and will—change the cover. Sexy crisis averted!


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