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masturbating on a motorcycle

Motorcycles are powerful machines, and gunning the engine can result in a rush like no other.

Get that thing purring, rev it, and you can ride that rocket to the moon, baby.

For one woman in Florida though, masturbating on the bike’s seat while staying in the garage was all the thrill she needed.

According to The Smoking Gun, witness Katherine Marriott called police upon returning to her home in Pine Cone Trail, Florida, because ‘a half naked female was sitting backwards’ on a motorcycle in the garage next door.

Upon further inspection the woman, later identified as 50-year-old Karen Dilworth, was seen to be ‘naked from the waist down and masturbating.’

When responding police questioned Dilworth, she denied masturbating on the bike, arguing that she had only been ‘smoking cigarettes and drinking some beers’.

Add booze and smokes to those sweltering summers in Florida and you might just take a chance on a ride to somewhere new.

But be sure that you’ll end up in an orange jumpsuit if that journey involves masturbating in front of your neighbor and her kids.


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