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Free Amateur Videos

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masturbating on a motorcycle

Motorcycles are powerful machines, and gunning the engine can result in a rush like no other.

Get that thing purring, rev it, and you can ride that rocket to the moon, baby.

For one woman in Florida though, masturbating on the bike’s seat while staying in the garage was all the thrill she needed.

According to The Smoking Gun, witness Katherine Marriott called police upon returning to her home in Pine Cone Trail, Florida, because ‘a half naked female was sitting backwards’ on a motorcycle in the garage next door.

Upon further inspection the woman, later identified as 50-year-old Karen Dilworth, was seen to be ‘naked from the waist down and masturbating.’

When responding police questioned Dilworth, she denied masturbating on the bike, arguing that she had only been ‘smoking cigarettes and drinking some beers’.

Add booze and smokes to those sweltering summers in Florida and you might just take a chance on a ride to somewhere new.

But be sure that you’ll end up in an orange jumpsuit if that journey involves masturbating in front of your neighbor and her kids.


Porn Star Accidentally Ends Up on Math Book Cover

Who said math isn’t sexy? Oh but it is. It is.

The Nation reports that Muang Thai Book, a textbook publisher in Thailand, recently uploaded the cover of its upcoming math textbook. Online, somebody noticed that the photo of the teacher was from a Japanese porno movie.

Here is the original book cover.

math porn

As you can see, the work “Mathematics” has also been Photoshopped on. In the original image, the book reads “Student Roll Call” in Japanese. At least, it looks like she is teaching math in the porn.

Here is a still from the porn which was released this past spring via PC, iPhone/iPad, Android, and the PS Vita.

Math Porn

On Japanese forum 2ch, commenters noticed that the image of the man drawing also appears to be grabbed off the internet. According to 2ch commenters, the actress, called Mana Aoki (among many other names), first appeared as a contestant on a Japanese plastic surgery show called Beauty Colosseum, got work done, and, it seems, moved on to adult films. To each his or her own, I guess.

As Yahoo! News Japan adds, the textbooks have not been distributed, so students never received them. According to The Nation, the publisher said a woman on staff grabbed the photo from the internet, and the cover was simply a mock-up. The publisher said it can—and will—change the cover. Sexy crisis averted!


Taco Bell Biscuit Taco

The ideal republic—embodied by the easy fusion of all of America’s disparate parts—continues to remain elusive. This is not up for debate and never has been. And so, we must take our small victories as they come, tantalizingly slow and most often transmitted in small gestures, through culture, and, sometimes, from the flour-dusted counters of our kitchens.

Enter the Biscuit Taco, which emanates from all three. As Taco Bell explained in a released obtained by The Wire:

The Biscuit Taco pays homage to the traditional Southern biscuit – made with real butter and real buttermilk. And for that Taco Bell twist consumers have come to expect, the NEW signature jalapeno honey sauce (served with the Crispy Chicken and Honey Biscuit Taco) delivers just the right amount of heat.

Are we meant to be placated and consoled by the Biscuit Taco, Taco Bell’s newest and perhaps most symbolically important breakfast item? No, of course not.

But over at Slate, dark talk of doomsday was afoot:

Could this signal an existential crisis for the Taco Bell taco? Sure, the waffle taco was a stretch. But the fast-food breakfast wars were raging and Taco Bell needed something that stood out. And with its more pliant shell, fold of meat, and topping of eggs and syrup, at least the waffle taco kind of looked like a taco. The biscuit taco does not.

First of all, shame on anyone who dares to “other” the Biscuit Taco for its non-resemblance to normative tacos rather than the content of its shell.

Secondly, what about the Biscuit Taco’s context? The company claims it had the South in mind when it created the meal, but the American biscuit is not just traditional Southern fare—the American biscuit is also savory fare, a departure from our oppressive former British overseers for whom a biscuit is something sweet that one pairs with tea as an existential afterthought.

As the president dithers on his late-summer pledge for immigration reform, there are few items that truly symbolize what harmony could take flight if we reconciled our borders and cultures. It may not be much (beyond delicious), but a Tex-Mex breakfast sandwich that nods to the restive South? It sounds exactly like what Whitman’s body electric would consume and what you and Bobby McGee would choose for a repast.

Sure, it may not look like a conventional taco, but all flags are just napkins until they’re hoisted aloft for the world to see.


Sasha Grey

The first trailer is here for Open Windows, a low-budget Hitchcockian thriller for the digital age. Elijah Wood plays Nick Chambers, a dude who wins a dinner with Jill Goddard (Sasha Grey), a celebrity he runs a fan site for.

But before the planned date happens, a sinister force overtakes Chambers’ computer and reveals access to Goddard’s personal information, indulging Chambers’ obsession with her. Sooner or later, the person who took over Chambers’ computer pushes him to be something more sinister than just a creepy stalker, but he pushes back and tries to save her.

The movie is in a single digitally edited shot from the perspective of a camera mounted to Chambers’ computer, according to Variety, so the story is largely told through open windows on his computer.

Wood is no stranger to high-concept thrillers like this. Early this year, he starred in Grand Piano, about a pianist gearing up to make a career comeback. When he begins the concert, he finds, along with his liner notes, a note that says a sniper will kill him if he plays a wrong note.


Zoe Zebra

You know, as far as fundraisers for boob jobs go, this one is pretty direct. A porn star held a “sex marathon” Friday night to raise money for breast implant surgery.

And in case you’re not entirely clear what a “sex marathon” is, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

Porn star Zoé Zebra set up a Facebook page for this sex marathon, in which she would have sex with 25 separate men back to back to back to back to… you get the idea. Every single encounter would be filmed and, of course, the men would have to pay.

Zebra explained, “I want a boob job just for me. It’s not for my job or nothing.”

The mayor of Gatineau, the town these marathon runners all came to, complained about this “shameful” event and had been trying to shut it down. There were some legal issues over filming porn that Zebra had to deal with. They were apparently going to shoot originally in an RV in the parking lot of Bar 77, but it’s now been moved to a private apartment above the bar.


Eroticism Saves the Earth Telethon

12 Japanese adult film actresses donated their breasts for a 24 hour telethon event with the aim of raising money for a Stop AIDS charity.

The adult movie stars allowed fans to feel their breasts in return for a charity donation as part of the 12th annual 24 hour TV event Eroticism Saves the Earth.

The telethon is organized by Sky Perfect TV adult channel with the motto ‘social contribution while enjoying the erotic’.

Fans are given the chance to interact with some of the channels leading actresses in the live broadcast event. The organizers expected to attract around 2000 fans, raising JPY 2 million.


Jennifer Lawrence & Kate Upton

The last thing Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence and supermodel Kate Upton want is for more people to see their recently leaked nude photos.

Now they will be featured – unaltered and life-sized – in an upcoming art exhibit.

Despite public outcry from celebrities, including Lena Dunham and Emma Watson, and an FBI investigation into the hacking, Cory Allen Contemporary Art announced yesterday that Los Angeles-based artist XVALA will include the intimate, private pictures as part of the artist’s “Fear Google” campaign at a gallery in St. Petersburg, Florida.

“We share our secrets with technology,” said XVALA in a statement. “And when we do, our privacy becomes accessible to others.”

Allen defended the show in the release, saying, “XVALA appropriating celebrity compromised images and the overall Fear Google campaign has helped strengthen the ongoing debate over privacy in the digital era.”

Lawrence’s rep has previously repudiated the leaked photos as a “flagrant violation of privacy.”



I met Manuel seven years ago on the set of my first porn shoot. I was quiet and nervous and huddled away on a couch in a back room, burning through coffee and the W-9 tax packet I had been handed on my way in.

Manuel sat next to me and introduced himself. He had a French accent and a thick mess of dark hair. “We’ll be working together,” he said, an innocuous comment under normal circumstances but a loaded one when the work is porn.

I was a 21-year-old college student earning good money as a house dancer in a strip club in my hometown, Sacramento. At 19, I had earned my first associate degree and transferred to Sacramento State. What I wanted from a college education was stability and financial security, because during my childhood we had had neither.

More than two decades earlier, my mother thought she had done everything right. She had enrolled in college and knocked out the general requirements while working an office job at a firm related to the career she intended to pursue. There she met my father — a handsome, well-educated finance guy with an aggressive style and big ambitions.

They dated for a few years, married and about nine months later welcomed a child into the world: me. They decided that the rest of my mother’s college funds would go toward a down payment on a house, and she would stay home with the baby. It was 1985.

Five years later, I sat with my mother on her bed in a house we would soon lose while she read me a last bedtime story before her water broke and she carted us to the hospital for the birth of my sister. By then my father was gone for good, attending to another pregnancy he was responsible for, leaving my mother financially strapped with full-time responsibility for two young children. She never remarried.

Growing up, I was constantly aware of my mother’s penny-pinching anxiety: the quiet calculations as she added up the cost of our school supplies, the flashes of anger each time we outgrew clothes. She would sit my sister and me down and hammer home the importance of education, making us promise we would put a college degree ahead of everything. “Secure your security,” she would say.

And that’s what I intended to do. Then, a year into college, I began stripping. And the money I made allowed a radical change in my standard of living.
Modern Love.

In no time, I paid off my car loan. Next came savings, stocks and a mortgage. Meanwhile, I was closing in on a degree in a field that didn’t interest me and one in which I wouldn’t earn close to what I was already making. Throw in a suddenly tanking economy, and college began looking less like the ticket to financial security.

When the housing market plunged, I felt trapped. I did, that is, until one slow Friday night at work when a man dropped $30 in my lap to hear him out. The next week I was on a plane for Los Angeles.

Porn is a business of surprising contradictions. Many of the roles women play are submissive and subservient: We are the bored housewife, the penniless pizza customer (who must pay her bill in other ways) and the vulnerable secretary. But unlike in the real world, women in porn usually make more money than men for the same work, and with that can come a liberating power, both financially and sexually.

In the years that followed my first shoot, I traveled the world — Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia. By the time I was 23, I had started my own lucrative online subscription club. I also negotiated deals for novelty sex toys and landed one of the highest-paying performing contracts in the industry, a five-year deal that increased in value each year and promised roles in the biggest features.

Through it all, I avoided dating anyone seriously because I felt safe and free on my own, and because I’d pledged I would never let a man compromise what I had worked so hard for. Then I found myself on set again with Manuel, for the first time since our last time, four years earlier.

I had been too busy to notice that he’d been avoiding me all those years because he had found me cold during our first encounter. And I was. Making porn can be exhilarating, friendly and hot, but those first shoots took courage, and my lack of experience showed in how distant I acted.

Manuel greeted me with his customary politeness, which I would later learn was forced, right up until the director called for action and we kissed.

O.K., so maybe a kiss is a strange way for two porn stars to fall in love, but for us it’s true. I developed a maddening crush on him, and my affection seemed to be returned. But he was in a relationship, and I was still as career-minded as ever, so our attraction stayed confined to the porn set, once a month as part of my shooting schedule.

Two years later, though, our attraction boiled over. Manuel was out of his relationship, and I was comfortably settled in my generous long-term contract, the kind almost nobody got anymore.

One day he asked if we could see each other off set. I knew where this could lead and what I stood to lose. If I were to let a relationship derail my contract, I would never get it back. I said yes anyway.

Navigating love when both of our jobs involve having sex with other people can be stressful, and this especially began to bother Manuel; he would get jealous and moody in the days before my shoots. He knew it wasn’t fair to ask me to stop, but he couldn’t hide the way he felt. Finally he said he wanted me to quit my contract and move in with him, with the logical next steps being marriage and children. I was 27.

It felt like an impossible choice. When I imagined the vulnerability of being dependent on a man, coupled with the irreversible commitment of having a child, I waited for the panic to hit. My biggest fear was repeating the past: becoming a single mother, financially insolvent, halfway through a college degree and left to raise my future children alone. One day, a panic attack came on so strong that I had to drive myself to the hospital with numb hands and dimming vision. Nightmares and weight loss followed.

Manuel tried to talk me down. “Did you hear me?” he asked. “I want to marry you. I want to have a baby with you.”

At some point, I just decided that nothing I secured on my own could compete with how solid I felt with Manuel, building a life together. Today, more than a year later, we have a child and are engaged. Our daughter’s first tooth has just broken through the gum. Manuel looks at her in awe, then at me the same way, and says, “This is us!”

Although I gave up my lucrative contract, I continue to perform on occasion, though only with Manuel or with other women. I still make a good living in the business, along with my appearances and products.

Yes, it’s a double standard that Manuel gets to perform with other women while I don’t with other men, just as it’s a double standard that he still works full time while I have cut back. But I am the mother of an infant daughter, and caring for her is my priority right now, just as providing for us as best he can is Manuel’s priority. In the end, our calculation isn’t so different from the choice millions of other working couples face these days.

What is different is that I happen to love a decent, charming man whose work involves having sex with other women. And one strange reality of our lives is I often help ready those women for the shoots. Makeup is done in our dining room, where I assist with wardrobe, props and scripts, and then Manuel carts the cast and crew to the day’s location. Sometimes he performs with the women and sometimes he doesn’t. I don’t ask.

I’m human, though, and I admit I size up the women in the makeup chair. Is she sexier than I am? Smarter? Better in bed? No woman can be everything. For example, she can’t be the next woman.

But here’s the thing: If we lose our lover’s attention to someone else, it doesn’t matter if that erosion happens on a porn shoot, with a secretary at the office or between two academics attending a conference. My sizing up a woman will have zero effect on whether my relationship unravels when I’m not looking. There is simply no way to know.

The only safeguard, for any of us, is how we maintain our love along the way and the care we take in choosing a partner in the first place.



The man accidentally projected X-rated smut onto a huge screen at Maryland Stadium, in central China. He was sentenced to 16 days in jail and now must pay a $485 fine.

Pornographic images were accidentally shown on a giant outdoor screen at Maryland Stadium in the city of Lanzhou, China, for about 12 seconds last September. The screen operator was sent to jail for 15 days and ordered to pay a fine.

A Chinese man who accidentally broadcast hardcore porn onto a gigantic outdoor screen has been jailed.

The blundering worker, who has not been named, reportedly projected a series of X-rated images onto a large digital advertising display at Maryland Stadium in Lanzhou, in central China, last September.

Pedestrians walking past were stunned to see the pictures of entirely naked men and women demonstrating several sexual positions, News 163 reported Thursday.

The obscene material, however, was only displayed for about 12 seconds before it was taken down.

Passerby were SHOCKED to see the pornographic images. But quick-thinking passersby snapped their own photos – which quickly went viral.

The screen operator was this week jailed for 15 days and ordered to pay a $485 fine.


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